E-111 Ethylene Measurement & Control Device

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Ethylene Measurement and Control on Same Device

E-111 measures the rate of ethylene gas at the location of the sensor, display it in LCD screen and controls your ethylene generator or ventilation engine and send SMS alert in any alarm case…

e-111 ethylene measurement control device

About E-411

In addition to instant ethylene gas rate measurement, E-111 enables you to realize any failure in modified atmosphere by sending SMS alert in any alarm case. In case of over rate of Ethylene gas, E-111 helps to remove the over rate of the gas by operating the engine of the ventilation system of the cold room. The design of the system ,which consists of the main unit and the sensor, is a product of a team work. Both the main unit and the sensor was desingned by our technical team considering cold chain conditions.

The installation of ES-411 is very practical and it is user friendly device by its easy usage. The system consists of the sensor and the main unit having TFT touch screen. You can easily plug the connection cables of the optional features also. These features of ES-411 makes it privileged.

Do Not Concern!

E-111 has ports which enables you to use the options such as operating the engine of ventilation system, giving alarm by SMS and/or siren in case of over rate of ethylene gas. You can aslo monitör and control the temperature.

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