CTH100 Temperature & Humidity Monitoring Device

greenhouse temperature and humidity monitoring

Efficient Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

CTH100 gives you temperature and humidity monitoring capability where it’s placed. When the temperature or humidity measurements are outside acceptable levels, the cTH100 unit can e-mail / sms alerts to a specific list of e-mail addresses, you can even receive phone calls.
cth100 temperature humidity monitoring device

About CTH100

Inkatech CTH100 designed for measuring temperature and humidity continuosly and accurately those where it’s located. It allows you to facilitate monitoring those reports remotely via your internet connected PC, tablet and smartphone.

CTH100 temperature and humidity monitoring device offers wide usage by it’s measurement probs and wireless connectivity.

Where it's used

You can easly and safely use Inkatech CTH-100 Ethernet Connected Temperature and Humidity Monitoring System at cold rooms, cold storages, freezers, pharmacies, life science, health industry, cold-chain transport vehicles, greenhouses, livestocks, poultry farms, fish storage rooms, blood bank refrigerators, dried fruit storage rooms, archive rooms, libraries, datacenters and so on…

Technical Specifications

  1. 3 temperature and humidity probe can be plugged
  2. Temperature measurement range: -40 °C … +80 °C dir.
  3. Humidity measurement range: 0 … 99.9 RH
  4. 4×20 large LCD display
  5. Accuracy: ±0,5 °C and ±%3 RH
  6. Resolution is 0,1
  7. Measurement interval can be set 1 to 120 minutes
  8. Power supply: 5V/2A DC adapter

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